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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Wireless Credit Card Processing

Where E-Commerce uses the Web on a computer screen to run transactions, wireless credit card processing uses much smaller screens on mobile devices.

Wireless credit card processing connects business and customers via the Internet through wireless devices, cell phones, Palm Pilots, personal digital assistants, handhelds and basically any wireless device.

It is important that your payment processing company provide a virtual terminal that can be viewed with a Palm Pilot or cell phone.

Many businesses in various mobile industries may find wireless credit card processing very appealing.

These might include those involved in the maintenance or delivery services to homes, towing companies, food delivery, transportation services, tradeshows, etc.

With wireless processing, you don't need a phone jack or electrical outlet, and transactions basically take only a few seconds to complete.

Wireless credit card processing terminals are available in retail form (to swipe cards) or for real-time keyed in transactions.

OvviPay has a complete line of wireless credit card processing solutions for mobile merchants and businesses.