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Verifone Mx915 Multimedia Consumer Facing Terminal M132-409-01-R

Verifone Mx915 Multimedia Consumer Facing Terminal M132-409-01-R

Product Description

The MX 915 delivers a rich media experience with a clear, 4.3" color display, high-speed processor and generous memory. This elegantly designed, sleek and space-saving unit supports full-motion video - driving new revenue opportunities while enhancing customer interaction.  It is NFC-enabled to capitalize on the coming wave of smartphone transactions, in addition to supporting EMV-approved chip and PIN payments. It's a complete media solution package that easily captures the attention of consumers.




  • MIS-132-602-00R       I/O Blocks MX9XX Power Audio, Berg with Tailgate, ETH
  • PWR-cps11212d1b      Power supply, Everest/Omni 7xxx/MX8xx/CR1000
  • CBL- 23741-02            Cable MX8xx Ethernet USB Device Blue
  • CBL - 23740-02           Cable MX8xx Ethernet USB-Host (9 pin) Green (2cm)
  • CBL - 23745-02           Cable Brown MX8xx Ethernet-USB 2m
  • CBL - 23998-02           Cable Yellow MX8xx USB to ECR 12V Power USB 2M

Specs & Features

  • Features: EMV/Contactless
  • Condition: New
  • Contents: Terminal, power supply, USB cable, and pen
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Touch Screen: Yes