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Mail order / Telephone Order Credit Card Processing

Mail order / Telephone Order Credit Card Processing

For mail order and telephone businesses, the most efficient way to collect payments without the customer being present is to accept credit cards by phone.

New credit card processing options are available to telephone and mail order merchants that make it easy to do credit card processing by phone.

The fastest-growing segment of credit card use today is in "card-not-present" transactions in which a customer is not physically present at the merchant's location, but instead makes his or her purchase by mail order or telephone order (MOTO), by facsimile, or via the Internet.

OvviPay can offer a credit card solution which fits your phone and mail order processing.

OvviPay provides you with a free virtual terminal.


You get the best customer service available; pay the lowest discount rates on all your transactions; and you never have to worry about start-up costs, hidden fees, escalating rates.