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Gift Card Program

Gift Card Program

Gift cards Processing have done more than revolutionize the practice of gift giving. They redefine how consumers shop, employers motivate, parents manage spending and retailers boost sales.Search our archive of articles describing the latest and greatest news, trends and retail innovations.

DID YOU KNOW? The average value of gift cards purchased in the past year is $40, a fairly steady level for the past three years.

How the Gift Card Process Works for You and Your Customers

Put the power of the most popular gift cards to work in your stores today.

Brand name gift cards from high quality retailers combined with instant activation, zero cost inventory and outstanding support from AMP are just a swipe away. AMP's gift cards are activated, verified and tracked through your existing credit card terminal, resulting in a fast and simple sales process:

  • Customer presents card for purchase
  • You swipe the card in your existing POS terminal or scan the card
  • Information is transmitted to AMP for validation
  • AMP relays transaction to partner gift card processor who authorizes or denies the transaction
  • If approved, the gift card processor or AMP activates the card for the dollar amount
  • Your retail customer is ready to roll


Once the purchase is complete, AMP handles the time-consuming but essential back-end processes:

  • Updates card inventory record and uses existing settlement
  • Procedures for gift card settlement
  • Creates a settlement file of all funds payable to AMP from your locations
  • Sends an ACH to your bank for funds due AMP
  • Reconciles with you and each gift card partner


With expertise in channel categories and retail distribution, along with a dedicated account management and field support staff, AMP offers the most comprehensive gift card solutions available. You choose the cards; we do the rest.