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Debit Card Processing

Debit Card Processing

In today’s world more and more consumers prefer using debit cards over other method of payments. Here’s why? They’re easier to use than a check. Debit card transaction is instantaneous debited from your checking account and the consumer can keep a close track of his daily balance.

Statements are itemized with the location and time of the debit card transaction. Hecks are not. Most debit cards double as ATM cards.

The consumer uses his checking account instead of adding to his credit card debt.

Accepting debit cards gives you the edge.


We can set you up to accept debit cards through all of these networks throughout the United States:

  • InterLink®
  • Maestro®
  • Explore®
  • CashStation®
  • PulsePay®
  • Honor®
  • MAC®
  • NYCE®
  • Accel®
  • TYME®
  • BankMate®
  • Shazam®
  • MagicLine®


Debit PIN Based POS Network Leaders (2005) More high volume merchants are accepting PIN transactions instead of signatures.

  • Star (Approx 30% Growth)
  • Interlink (Over 80% Growth)
  • NYCE (Approx 25% Growth)
  • Pulse (Approx 80% Growth)
  • Jeanie (Approx 45% Growth