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ATM Services

ATM Services

AMP offers Financial Institutions and ATM providers a wide selection of services that lets them design the ATM program that best meets their needs. From the issuer side to the acquirer side, AMP can provide:

OvviPay provides comprehensive ATM services and high-quality ATM products to independent merchants and small business owners across the nation.

  • Cost effective processing
  • [ATM Equipment]
  • Communications for lease line and dialup ATMs


  • Authorizations (on-line or positive balance file)
  • Card production and management with instant issue features
  • Charge back/retrieval processing
  • ATM monitoring and dispatch
  • ATM maintenance, first and second line
  • Cash management and replenishment services
  • Network access (Cirrus, Plus, Pulse, Star, and others)
  • Reporting and management information services
  • Customer service
  • "Back office" accounting for merchant payments and statements